Spring 2012 Silicon Valley Brand Forum

May 15, 2012

8:30 am to 12 pm

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Spend a morning learning about best practices in:

Brand Engagement in Social Media

Managing the Brand Experience in a Seemingly
Unmanageable World

Companies work very hard to maximize the impact of a brand experience. They want to be sure that customers have a positive brand experience at every touchpoint. In the world of social media, where communities are run by people with no allegiance to your brand, brand managers are facing new challenges for managing that experience. We’ll hear from brand leaders who have tackled this challenge, and we’ll get a deeper understanding of managing brands in social media.  

The Event will begin with a presentation from Lorie Lowe, CEO of Eccolo Media, on the connection between engaging audiences through brand content in social media and building your brand.

We’ll also have a panel discussion with a group of brand professionals sharing best practices and challenges from both the client and agency perspective.





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