Fall 2014 Forum: Does technology Innovation Trump Brand Principles?


Does Technology Innovation Trump Brand Principles?

Refocusing on Solid Brand Principles Amidst the Swirl of Innovation


Join us for a morning of lively discussion, challenging and thought-provoking insights and sage advice from the
best in the branding business.

Where: Net App Executive Briefing Center

When:  Thursday, October 23, 2014

8:30 am to 12 noon


With a few exceptions, sound brand management seems to elude us here in Silicon Valley. Too many technology executives are quick to toss aside discussions of brand in favor of their next great innovation. Even as brand managers, we occasionally find ourselves drawn into tactics and short term goals to support that innovation.David Aaker, author and brand legend, will talk about the 6 principles that lead to brand success followed by a panel discussion with seasoned experts (including professor Aaker) sharing their views and experiences on implementing these principles in Silicon Valley companies.



David Aaker
David Aaker, the Vice-Chairman of Prophet Brand Strategy and Professor Emeritus of Marketing Strategy at the Berkeley-Haas School of Business, is the winner of four career awards for contributions to the practice and science of marketing.

Aaker on Branding—6 Big Ideas
The concept of brand equity and the science and practice of building and managing brands have now been with us for over a quarter century. Taking stock, what are the most powerful and impactful ideas that have emerged during that time?
Aaker has drawn from his 6 books on branding and a dozen articles to define six really big ideas that create advantages and build brands in tough market places.

Panel discussion:

Does Technology Innovation Trump Brand Principles?
The second half of the morning will be a panel discussion brand experts (and you) sharing challenges and successes in implementing these brand principles in Bay Area companies.



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